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Glorious Googie

Googie-Lovers of the World, Unite!

Googie Lovers Unite!
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Googie (officially known as "the Age of Techno-Optimism") was a style, a look, a feeling, an attitude, a way of viewing the World and the Future in post-WW II America. This community is devoted to glorifying googie.

Googie was the "Space-Age" style that was popular from the end of World War II through the Viet Nam Conflict. Googie represented the most positive vision of the future the United States of America have ever possessed, but it was ended by the horrors of Viet Nam. I feel we need to recapture that positivity, plus I enjoy the style. If you do too, you might enjoy this community!

Examples: tail fins on cars, the Jetsons, the Capitol Records building.